Fans, below are some official pictures documenting several idiot massholes in action.

This picture documents Big Blue and Squeek inside the Green Monstah at Fenway. Its a total rat hole in there and it sounds like the end of the world whenevah a ball is hit off the wall.

Its not easy to get in there, you got to know peoples, and be willing to do some wicked weahd stuff. I won't tell what Squeek and Big Blue did to gain entrance, but lets just say neither one could sit for 2 weeks and now both are banned from the city of Wustah and most petting zoos in the New England area. “It was totally werth it, and that llama will recovah soon. ” – Squeek.

Anyone seen Broduh? some peckah head at Fenway kept holding this damn thing up. what the hell is a "Broduh" anyway?

Who knew? Ahkansas actually exists. We have heard repahts of things called "states" existing outside of 495. Some have even been repahted to have queah names like Ahkansas. The question now becomes, who the hell took this picture and will the natives see to it that he nevah returns alive?