Help Wanted!!

Okay, brothahs. Here is the deal. We love doin' this stuff, but we ain't got the time. What we needs is some peoples who can make some cool masshole pages for us. If we use yah page, we buy yah some budwiesahs. that is unless yah page is horrible. We don't want no terrible pages. you must also take that quiz - just to see if your a real masshole . So here's how you do it.

  1. Take the Quiz.
  2. Write a little somethin' somethin' in an HTML doccument that you think is worthey of this site
  3. Send us the page as an attachment to
  4. Be sure to let us know your e-mail address so we can check out your quiz score - we do keep score.

You got it chief? Remenbah, we could get monkeys to do this gahbahge for us, so don't send us no fargin crap.

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