Some comments we have received so fah

Ok, you Massholes and Masshole wannabes, here is some of the feed back we have received so far. We get on average about 150 emails a week from you donkeys. Almost all ah in praise of the site, but we ah always gonna have them New Yahk losahs writin' to us. If you ah offended by any of them, our advice is to kick the arss of the next New Yahkah you see.

Mostly these emails have come from exiled Massholes who had to migrate away to find jobs outside of 128 and 495. Responses have come from Japan, Singapore, and Europe. We nevah heard of these places and had to look them up. For you Massholes who don't know them eithah, just know that you can't get there from here, so don't worry about it.

We had to edit the livin' hell out of these things cause you people ah so foul mouthed (we love it!).

Also, we have to address somethin. Many have been pissed we don't got Sam Adams on ah best beeah list. Listen, Sam Adams isn't even brewed really in Masshole land. Look on any bottle and it is brewed in some othah state that none of us has evah been in. Plus, it's wicked dahk.