Our Masshole Approved Links

Here ah our Masshole approved links. We pretend to scour the intanet to look for sites, but in reality these ah the only ones we really know about. Check out some sport and beeah sites. We refrain from puttin' up girlie sites cause that ain't propah. More links will come soon. Look for updates to get yah full Masshole education.

Boston Celtics: Bettah known as the Celts. The best team of the 80's is just restin' right now and will be a force some time soon. Come on, Pierce is wicked awesome!

Tha Pats, Brotha: The Patriots ah still freakin' great even though Pete Carroll couldn't coach a Pop Wahnah team. We really miss the Tuna, despite the fact that he is a traitah.

Boston College: Since all the creatahs of this site ah graduates of this fine drinkin' institution, we have a link here. With all them Xaverian Brotha Masshole players like Commella and Hasselbeck, the football team will be unstoppable soon. Hockey is wicked awesome, but let's not discuss basketball.

Boston Breweries: A wicked pissa list of all the breweries in massachusetts.

Mass Speed Traps: Brothahs, you gotta know where the staties hide out so yahs don't get pulled ovah on ya way to Reveah beach. Them troopahs ah notorious for takin' yah beeahs (we think they just pull people ovah when they need free drinks).

WAAF: A radio station "that really rocks". The only unfortunate paht is that they ah located in Wustah, which we think is located outside of route 495.

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